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text and images ‘bleeding’ into one another, so such elements should be kept apart.Unlike younger users, middle-aged and senior users tend to take longer to comprehend, accept, and trust the things they read. This is in part because they read things more slowly and carefully.Therefore, in our designs for such users, we at TMO made use of detailed descriptions to leverage their willingness to read more text to help them um98与m99是什么意思nderstand and trust our services.For example, adding more thorough instructions throughout a sign-up process to explain each step in detail.An example design from TMO. The UI presents more detailed instructional text to the user during the registration process.Minimized Gestural InteractionsAlongside declines in hand-eye coordination and short-term memory, seniors often lose motor skill speed and precision required to interact with modern systems.What are simple gesture interactions for younger users can be genuine obstacles to older users.For older users, we recommend keeping things simple by making interfaces ‘click only’. Button size is also important. We have found that a button size of at least 44×44 pixels ensures a comfortable clicking experience on any screen size.An example design from TMO. Here we used large buttons that are easy to read and easy to click.Simplified Product DesignKeeping product design and navigation simple reduces barriers to entry and smoothens learning curves for older users.This doesn’t just lead to older users picking up the relevant muscle memory quicker. It also grants them more confidence in using their device and your product in particular.It is also important to streamline all important, relevant information onto a single screen. Page scrolling and split-screen operations make navigation more complicated and frustrating for many senior users.Nine useful principlesIn general we suggest keeping the following nine principles in mind:Navigation should be simple, clear, and coherent, with consistent conventions and processes throughout.Operations and navigation should be as ‘flat’ as possible, avoiding hiding content too deep into the system.The screen should make it as easy and quick as possible for users to ‘scan’ and identify key content, and then navigate there.The user’s location within the process, as well as how they can return to the previous page or beginning of the process, should be absolutely clear.The title of the topic or process should be clear, consistent, and visible at all times.Backgrounds should be simple and not distracting.Experimental, unusual, or innovative UI or UX elements should be avoided, as they can be confusing.Visual feedback should be given on completion progress and requirements.Simple sound effects can accompany and assist in conveying information, such as being played upon completion of payment.An example design from TMO. A streamlined interface for senior users.Although cognitive decline and comprehension difficulties are a natural consequence of aging, this does not mean that senior users are unable to learn new processes.Given careful and considered instructional content, these users are able to master new UIs and systems and fully take part in modern eCommerce.The Value of a Human TouchIn the coming years, middle-aged and senior users will have widely varying levels of familiarity with modern technology.However, our fundamental principle is that all content should be suitable for beginners. With strong design that empowers users of any amount of experience, we can bring confidence and reassurance to a process that can otherwise feel daunting or frustrating.Elderly users enjoying the online shopping experience from their personal mobile phone.We believe that the industry needs to combat middle-aged and older users questioning and doubting their own abilities.The elimination of both errors in design and the potential for errors on the part of the user is vital.Clear and comprehensible are more effective than beautiful.Practical is better than pretty. Design elements should primarily serve to look pretty, but shoul

11選5玩法有很多,其中包含組選,直選和任選不同形式。其中任選投注玩法比較多。其中最具備挑戰的就是任選五了,相對于任選五來講,任選八就簡單很多了。隻要彩民們能夠在投注過程中,懂得如何熟練運用11選5任八技巧,就不需要擔心在投注過程中不會中獎了,下面來和大家簡單的說一下,11選5中的任選八具備怎樣的投注技巧吧。1,分段選号方法,簡單的來講,就是在11選5中,将11個号碼劃分爲四組來進行有效投注。每注投注号碼中的八個号碼,分别劃分爲不同四組号碼,然後在不同号碼組合中屬于簡單形式的存在。不過這種投注号碼一般都具備殺傷力。中獎幾率也高達48%。利用這種方式來進行投注的話,彩民們可以在相隔兩期的投注中,順利拿下獎金。而且不同投注周期數中,存在着的是不同的中獎可能。越簡單的玩法,其難度系數越高。比如冠軍不要以爲就那麽幾個号碼就簡單了,越簡單的玩法能應用的條件就越少,判斷的條件少了,那麽它開起來就不能随心所欲,自然坑也就越多。跟大家推薦一個回血師傅:(扣)7880564 歡迎盆友找TA一起交流,大家好才是真的好。2,利用11選5任八技巧來進行果斷的殺号,就是在上期開獎結果中的幾個号碼中,選擇出一個号碼進行殺号,青草主播快播後将剩餘十個号碼組合成爲三組任選八投注号碼。因此在開獎結果中,如果能夠準确的殺掉三個号碼的話,準确幾率會提升更高,先殺掉01号碼,然後将剩餘10個号碼組選成爲不同的三注号碼進行有效率投注。3,掌握好11選5任八技巧之後,就能夠在其中輕松的收獲到大獎。總之,11選5玩法多樣性,幾乎每個人在投注過程中,都可以順利的掌握好屬于自己的一套玩法。也能夠在不同的玩法中,多做總結,就可以在其中收獲到有效率的任選八玩法了。越簡單的玩法,其難度系數越高。比如冠軍不要以爲就那麽幾個号碼就簡單了,越簡單的玩法能應用的條件就越少,判斷的條件少了,那麽它開起來就不能随心所欲,自然坑也就越多。跟大家推薦一個回血師傅:(扣)7880564 歡迎盆友找TA一起交流,大家好才是真的好。